Project reports

Meeting places


“Our perception consists of a series of images of reality, which forms
our mind into a unit.
if i consider the passage of time to be a plurality of instants linked to
each other by a unit, the number of such instants, regardless of how
short the chosen time may be, is infinite.“ (henri bergson)

I represent the passages of time – similar to a film, a video – in a
static unit and render the images tangible and the stories comprehensible.

I investigate the different topographies and the movement and
behavioural patterns of various individuals occurring there within the
existing or created structures.

The totality of instants in a recording, i.e. the sequence – comparable to
the projection time of a film or video – is extended or contracted by the time
spent by the viewer in front of the finished picture, and is thus no longer
identical to reality.

Questions about the documentary character of photography, image
manipulation or technique are thus not relevant for me.

Kind of work

Technical conditions
144 x 108 cm pigment prints mounted on acryl / aludibond